EXCLUSIVE: New Girl‘s Max Greenfield and Trulia team up for sake of design

SheKnows recently chatted with New Girl‘s hilarious Max Greenfield to get the inside scoop on his latest project. We even have the newest promo, featuring Greenfield playing Never Have I Ever with comedian Leslie Grossman.

During his downtime between shooting Seasons 4 and 5 of New Girl, Greenfield teamed up with online real estate mecca Trulia for an awesome new campaign. Trulia’s goal: to help us find the perfect home using its oh-so-awesome new tool, the “Buyers-Diggs Test.

Just like the infamously extensive and spot-on personality test Myers-Briggs, Trulia has designed its own quiz to help home buyers and apartment shoppers find out what kind of home best suits their personality. Best yet, it’ll be able to share the results with partners and roommates so they can figure out how to find a home that caters to both of their Buyers-Diggs results.

As part of the campaign, Trulia partnered with Greenfield and Grossman for the “Max at Home” series of videos, in which Greenfield plays games like MASH and, in this brand-new one, Never Have I Ever, to help shed light on his design style and future housing situation. Turns out he wants to live in a teepee! In the newest video (above), Greenfield dishes on what he wants most in his future home and what he envisions when he visits open houses. Greenfield even took the Buyers-Diggs test, and we have his results. Check ’em out!

Max Greenfield's Trulia results

Image: Trulia

We spoke with Greenfield about his results, and he told us they were spot on.

“I’ve taken the test, but my wife hasn’t taken the test yet. But I took it, and it was very accurate. It told me just how neat I am and what a tidy household I apparently like and how I like an organized, relaxing place to live,” Greenfield said. He went on to joke, “That couldn’t be more spot on. I’m in my house right now, and I couldn’t be more relaxed.”

In the video, Greenfield talks about going to open houses even when he wasn’t currently in the market for a new house. That’s always seemed like fun to us, but we were also nervous that we’d end up in “real estate jail.” Greenfield promises you won’t and that it’s absolutely something that must be done.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into an open house and pretended I was seriously into buying that house and had no, no intention of buying it,” Greenfield admitted. Really? Sounds like a confrontation waiting to happen. “It’s so much fun. They don’t care. They know. Believe me, you’re not fooling them.”

Real estate agents: Now you know that guy you saw who looked a lot like Schmidt from New Girl? Totally him. Everyone else? Make sure you take the Buyers-Diggs test! We’re “Fat Cats” who like to live in the city but enjoy staying in with Netflix. Uh, yeah… that sounds basically perfect.

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