5-Step DIY framed wedding ring holder (VIDEO)

Your wedding ring is the most cherished piece of jewelry you own. If you want to keep it safe, make your own wedding ring holder. By making your own rather than buying it, you’ll be able to add your own special touch.

This special craft takes no time at all and simply requires refurbishing a picture frame of your choice. The frame can be any one you choose, and you can get creative with the fabric used on the inside.


  • Small frame
  • Fancy pin
  • Poly fluff
  • Fabric
  • Glue


  1. Remove glass from frame.
  2. Cut fabric to size of frame back.
  3. Glue fluff to picture frame back.
  4. Glue fabric to frame. (Do not wrap fabric, or the back won’t fit.)
  5. Reassemble picture frame and add pin.

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