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Watch what happened after our boss asked us to take the ALS ice bucket challenge (VIDEO)

What do you do when your boss of two months challenges you to dump an ice cold bucket of water on your head? If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do is ask: Why?

Then you immediately concoct reasons as to why it’s a bad idea (seriously, do you know how long it takes for an afro the size of mine to dry?)

But when raising awareness for a great charity, and bragging rights, are at stake, I figured that taking the ALS ice bucket challenge was the least our team could do. It’s amazing what this simple act has done to help ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a neurological disease that attacks the neurons that control our muscles. Since July 29 more than $4 million have been donated to the ALS Association. That’s no joke.

So the challenge goes like this: An individual or group is challenged via a video to dump a bucket of ice cold water on their head. That person (in our case, group) then has 24 hours to douse themselves with their own buckets and challenge someone else. Those who refuse are asked to make a donation to ALS.

Everyone from President Barack Obama to entertainers Justin Timberlake and QuestLove of The Roots (there goes my afro excuse!) have been challenged, though, to be fair the president donated to the cause instead of getting soaked.

Now that our editorial team, along with an assist from a few members from other departments , have taken the challenge, we are paying it forward.

So here goes… SheKnows officially challenges these other sites, BabbleBustlePopSugar, HLNTV.comCosmopolitan, and The Stir to dump buckets of ice water over their heads within 24 hours or donate to ALS. We hope you accept and post your video. If not, that’s fine, too — just be prepared to get out your checkbooks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wring out my bra.

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