All the Royal Wedding Merchandise You Can Buy Right Now

by Julie Sprankles
Apr 16, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. ET
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Image: Royal Collection Shop, Newby Teas, Strongbow, Amazon, Getty Images/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day just around the corner, the obsession with all things royal wedding has reached a fever pitch. If you've been following in fascination, you undoubtedly know the nuptials will take place on May 19. But did you know you can order life-size cutouts of the royally cute couple? How about sausages infused with Harry and Markle's favorite flavors? 

It's true — we’ve reached the point of public fervor that entails just about every type of royal wedding merchandise you can imagine. T-shirts and other clothing memorabilia are givens, but let’s be real: the quirkier items are far more fun to discuss.

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about the fact that you have an official countdown calendar in anticipation of the moment Harry and Markle finally walk down the aisle, spend a few minutes with the following list of weird yet wonderful wedding merch available. You’ll either walk away feeling more normal… or with an impressive new collection to call your own. 

1 /19: Apron

1/19 :Apron

Perhaps you're hosting a royal wedding viewing party at your house and will be whipping up delectable puff pastries for your guests. How could you not need this precious "Harry & Meghan" apron to keep your clothes flour-free? 

Victoria Eggs handmade royal wedding apron, $31 at Amazon

2 /19: Biscuit Tin

2/19 :Biscuit Tin

Channel your Meghan Markle-turned-royal vibes by noshing on a proper snack like biscuits — best served, of course, with a spot o' tea.

Royal wedding biscuit tin, $10 at Lakeland

3 /19: Rosé the UK Way

Teacup and saucer
Image: Strongbow

3/19 :Rosé the UK Way

Strongbow has released a special teacup set in honor of the royal wedding. The set, called Experience Rosé the UK Way, comes with this adorable teacup and saucer and a bottle of their rosé hard cider. 

Experience Rosé the UK Way, $100 at Strongbow

4/19 :Condoms

Yes, really. If you're not ready to create your own little future heirs, pick up a pack of Crown Jewels condoms that are "fit for a prince." Bonus? When you open the box, you'll be serenaded with an exclusive musical arrangement of "God Save the Queen" and "The Star-Spangled Banner." 

Crown Jewels royal wedding condoms, $14 at Crown Jewels

5 /19: Buttons

5/19 :Buttons

For those with decidedly more discreet tastes than royal wedding condoms, we present royal wedding buttons. Pin one to your lapel to make a subtle statement and pass the rest of this pack of 10 out to like-minded friends.

Royal wedding commemorative badge set, $13 at Amazon

6 /19: Official China

6/19 :Official China

Dining like the royal family doesn't come cheap. The Royal Collection Shop offers the only officially sanctioned commemorative china, with prices ranging from $25 for a crystal tot glass to $69 for a plate. 

Royal wedding official commemorative china, $25 and up at Royal Collection Shop

7 /19: Life-Size Cutout

7/19 :Life-Size Cutout

For the fan who just isn't content to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from afar, there exists an actual life-size cutout of the couple. In full disclosure, having this on display in your home could very well lead to a royal wedding intervention. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cutout, $99 at Amazon

8 /19: Sausage

8/19 :Sausage

Hey, being on royal wedding watch can really work up your appetite. Have no fear, though — Sainsbury's supermarket has your back. For around $3 per pack, you can snag Heck sausages infused with “sweet ginger and American mustard” as "a nod to Meghan’s American background and Harry’s fiery red locks." Yum? 

Royal wedding-inspired sausage links, $3 at Sainsbury's

9 /19: Pillbox

9/19 :Pillbox

This commemorative pillbox is nothing if not charming. Designed by William Edwards as part of their royal wedding collection, the fine bone china box features Harry and Markle's initials in 22-karat gold and platinum. 

William Edwards commemorative china pillbox, $69 at Amazon

10 /19: Tea Selection

10/19 :Tea Selection

Calling all tea lovers! Not only does this royal wedding tea selection set score you a beautiful box to store your stash, but it includes some seriously tasty teas. Think English breakfast tea, Earl Grey, jasmine princess tea, Hunan green tea, ginger-and-lemon tea and rooibos orange tea. 

The royal wedding tea collection, $49 at Newby London

11 /19: Place Mats

11/19 :Place Mats

It's safe to assume that a messy table after meals would be considered poor form in the royal family. So why not make cleanup a breeze by eating off Prince Harry and Markle's smiling faces? It should serve as a regal reminder to maintain proper decorum during mealtime 

Royal Heritage commemorative place mat set, $19 at Amazon 

12 /19: Tea Bag Holder

12/19 :Tea Bag Holder

It may be a first-world problem, but having to rest your tea bag on the countertop for lack of a proper receptacle is annoying and kind of gross too. Problem solved! Just plop it down on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle instead. The fact that this holder is shaped like a cute little teapot makes it all the more appealing. 

Royal Heritage commemorative tea bag tidy, $5 at Amazon

13 /19: Tote Bag

13/19 :Tote Bag

There will be little doubt about your royal wedding pride when you stroll the streets with a Harry "hearts" Megan tote bag. Bonus points if you use it to stock up on British foodie fare for the royal wedding party we both know you plan to throw. 

Harry and Meghan tote bag, $14 at CafePress

14 /19: Coloring Book

14/19 :Coloring Book

Even royal wedding skeptics can get behind this cute coloring book filled with pics of Prince Harry and Markle. And since this modern couple tends to color outside of the lines where tradition is concerned, feel free to go wild. 

Harry and Meghan: A Love Story coloring book, $9 at Amazon

15 /19: Engagement Ring

15/19 :Engagement Ring

Just because Prince William and Prince Harry are off the market doesn't mean you can't feel like a princess every day. For starters, you are enough! But also, you could rock this stunning replica of the ring Harry slipped on Markle's finger. 

Same Collection engagement ring, $23 at Amazon

16/19 :Mug

What better vessel from which to imbibe your black tea (with cold milk, naturally) than this adorable mug featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's post-wedding carriage processional? Even the queen's corgis and Markle's beloved Guy the Beagle and Bogart the mixed breed are present. 

Harry and Meghan royal wedding mug, $18 at Sophie Allport

17 /19: Paper Dolls

17/19 :Paper Dolls

If a coloring book doesn't have the kind of depth you crave, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle paper dolls should do the trick. Pass the time until the royal couple's big day by dressing Harry in the swim trunks he wore to Jamaica with his future bride and Markle in the "husband" shirt she donned at the Invictus Games. 

Harry and Meghan paper dolls, $10 at Amazon

18 /19: Tea Towel

18/19 :Tea Towel

I don't care who you are, this tea towel is precious. The bright colors, the modern vintage appeal — if you're determined to spend your hard-earned dollars on royal wedding merchandise, let this be in the lot. 

Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tea towel, $20 at Amazon

19 /19: Soda

Lemon Elderflower Soda
Image: Trader Joe's

19/19 :Soda

You've probably heard that Markle and Harry's wedding cake will be lemon-and-elderflower-flavored, but did you know you can get the same trendy flavor right at Trader Joe's? Trader Joe's released their lemon- elderflower and rhubarb-strawberry soda a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, this one is only sold in stores, so you'll have to visit the nearest Trader Joe's to snag a pack of these. 

Lemon Elderflower Soda, $3.49 at Trader Joe's