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16 Destinations You Should Visit Before They Become Tourist Traps

When you love to travel, you quickly learn that… so do a lot of other people. And while bumping into other tourists can be part of the fun (so many countries, cultures and coincidences happen when talking to fellow travelers!), many jet-setters end up wishing they could find a spot or two with a few more locals and fewer out-of-towners.

Tourism is a booming industry, and while, yes, it seems like every last place in the world has been Instagrammed within an inch of its life, there are a few places out there that are suitable for tourists but not quite overloaded with selfie-takers. 

Mountains, oceans, hot springs, mud volcanoes, monasteries and whale watching: Whether you’re looking for a nearby domestic flight or want to get as far away from the U.S. as possible, we’ve got destination suggestions for you. Here are the places you should head to before they turn into tourist traps.

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