How to Get the Layered Doormat Look We Are Loving This Fall

Since your front door basically serves as your home’s welcoming committee, you want it to be inviting. First impressions are important, right? And one of the quickest and easiest ways to win over anyone who comes knockin’ is through a few well-placed doormats. Yes, we said a few. Let us explain.

You’ve likely seen this layered look popping up all over your Instagram feed without realizing it has become a bona fide fall trend. So, here’s what you need to know — people have really, ahem, fallen (sorry, couldn’t resist) for doubling down in the doormat department. By layering a doormat with a slightly larger area rug, you can create a cozier vibe that basically makes your stoop feel like another extension of your indoor decor.

That’s not all to love about this trend either. For starters, if you fall in love with two rugs and/or a doormat-rug combo while you’re doing a little online shopping, you no longer have to go through the agonizing process of picking just one. Another perk? Layering makes it super-easy to change things up according to the season or your mood — simply swap out either the doormat or the rug beneath it with something fresh.

Start with a flat cotton weave and then add a slightly smaller coir on top. We’re especially fans of top layers with witty welcome greetings.

And finally, our personal favorite aspect: There are no rules! You can mix and match colors, patterns, textures and sizes to your heart’s content to get a look you love. We’ve put together some sample combos for you here, but feel free to get creative and swap out the pairings to come up with combos that suit your fall style.