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13 Haunted Airbnbs You Can Book Right Now

Anyone can stay at an Airbnb. But do you have the guts to book a listing steeped in spooky folklore? As we enter the darker, colder stretch of the year, it’s easy to get caught up in ghost stories and full moons and all other manner of portentous things. And what better time to spend a few unsettling nights at a home that is rumored to be haunted?

Part of the appeal of Airbnbs lies in the very fact that they have character and history. If you’ve ever booked one of these unique listings, you can attest to the fact that it’s different from staying in some generic hotel with a subpar continental breakfast. The right Airbnb becomes part of the experience of wherever you are visiting.

But thanks to their paranormal reputations, the following supposedly haunted Airbnbs don’t play second fiddle to their surroundings — they are the destination you’re traveling to see. All that’s left is to determine whether you dare to have a truly, ahem, spirited vacation.

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