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13 Haunted Locations That Double as Beautiful Wedding Venues

Congrats! You’re getting hitched. That means you’ve gotten over your fear of commitment. You might even say the only scary thing about your relationship now is how much you love your soon-to-be spouse. So why not hold your wedding somewhere stunning and historic — that just so happens to also be haunted? You braved the modern dating scene prior to finding your true love. You’re not afraid of anything anymore.

Maybe you’ve always veered toward the macabre. Perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a paranormal enthusiast. Or it could be that you simply want to make sure the wedding venue you’ve chosen isn’t on this list.

Whatever the case may be, we found some of the most breathtaking spots to get married in the country, and yes, they may include a few extra-special (or to be more accurate, spectral) guests. Kinda gives new meaning to “till death do us part,” huh?

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