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The 2018 Halloween Costumes That Are Blowing Up on Pinterest

We love us a good Pinterest sesh. And we love digging deep into Pinterest trend reports, especially when it comes to Halloween. We’re obsessed with stats — how many people are searching for, say, vampires vs. werewolves? (Turns out neither are getting much action this year. Sorry, guys. Maybe 2019 will be your big comeback year.)

Curious about the top trending costumes for 2018? Well, we sure were, and we’ve compiled a list of the results of a collaboration between Pinterest and Lyst. Looks inspired by films are hot this Halloween season, as are animals (but we’re betting not the animals you’d expected!) and artists (hint: She rocks a monobrow like nobody else).  

We were also tickled to find everything from flamingos to astrological signs, from Riverdale to Boss Baby. We’re still a little confused about the surging popularity of cow costumes (searches up 680 percent this year), but hey, whether you’re a “Moo!” or a “Boo!” we’ve got something for you here.

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