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Ikea Just Gave Us a Sneak Peek at Their Holiday Collection, & It’s Stunning

Winter is an amazing season full of rich colors; frosty weather; and hearty, belly-warming meals. And while we’re still in the early days of fall, before we know it, winter will be here. In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, many retailers are announcing their winter collections or winter lines, and Ikea is one such retailer.

In a press release issued earlier today, Ikea unveiled their 2018 winter holiday collection.

The line features everything you need (or may need) for the holidays, from decorative lighting and festive decor to stylish dinnerware and both sweet and savory treats. Of course, everyone celebrates differently — some individuals host big gatherings with lots of people, frivolities and food, while others enjoy a more intimate experience. But the good news is Ikea’s holiday collection takes everyone and every tradition into account.

So be sure to check out some of Ikea’s new items, all of which will become available in October 2018.

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