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The Essential Oils You Should Pack on Your Next Vacation

Essential oils are everywhere, and depending on your level of dedication to them, you might have them hiding in your kitchen (for your all-natural cleaning products), adorning your bedside table (to help you fall asleep at night) or in your medicine cabinet for their healing properties. Or heck — they could just be in your living room diffusing their lovely scents into the air. 

However you choose to embrace essential oils, if you haven’t started traveling with them, it might be time to consider it. First of all, they typically come in a small enough size to get through TSA without having to be repackaged. Second of all, you’ll probably have a much better sense of well-being. 

Not sure how to choose the best essential oils to bring with you on your next adventure by plane, train or automobile? These are our best suggestions for everything you might face on your trip.

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