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You Can Now Stay at the Great Wall of China Because It’s on Airbnb

As if Airbnb Plus wasn’t extravagant enough, what with its luxurious homes in exotic locations up for rent, Airbnb went above and beyond for its next offering — quite literally — and it’s a location where absolutely no one has ever spent the night: the Great Wall of China.

Stretching more than 13,000 miles in Northern China, this 2,600-year-old architectural feat is visited by more than 10 million people each year. And for the first time ever, four lucky people and their guests can call the Great Wall of China home for a night in a custom-designed home. All you have to do is win a contest. 

Winners of the contest have quite the itinerary too.

As if spending the night at the Great Wall of China weren’t enough, the winners will have an intimate, multicourse gourmet dinner prepared at the house, with each course representing and highlighting a different aspect of Chinese culture and tradition. You’ll even have a traditional Chinese concert performed for you.

Between meals, plenty of hiking will be had, including a trip to the highest watchtower to watch the sun rise. Other activities including learning Chinese calligraphy, making your own stamp to commemorate the trip and learning about the conservation efforts of The Great Wall. 

Be aware, though: The wall has rules. (You know, as any Airbnb home would.)

First off, it’s politely requested you be respectful of all 1.38 billion neighbors. Don’t play loud music. No scaling or running the length of the wall, and don’t disturb the dragons. Pretty reasonable, we’d say.

So, if you’re free Sept. 4 through 8, here’s how to enter the contest: Head to the Great Wall’s Airbnb listing before the competition closes on Aug. 11, click “Enter to Win” and answer one question. Easy as that. 

And don’t worry about the host. It seems pretty friendly and welcoming too based on its profile page.

“I look forward to welcoming you to my place,” the bio reads. “I have so much to show you, my honored guests. Welcome to my home!”

Click through to see photos of the Airbnb home, and good luck!

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