Unique Lunch Boxes That Will Make Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

As much as you might be looking forward to the return of school and schedules, your little ones likely aren't nearly as hyped about the prospect. Waking up early, homework, no more beach days — you're basically the stealer of joy for sending them back. But we mamas know the secret to keeping our kids content, right? Distraction! 

Hey, we've got to play to our strengths. And since we already know that tiny humans love lunch, there's really no better way to beat your kids' back-to-school blues than appealing to their love of that hallowed hour in the cafeteria. In other words, it's time to spring for a new lunch box, Ma. 

Not just any ol' lunch box will do, though. To get your kids as pumped about them going back to school as you are, you'll need a lunch receptacle that stands out. Need some help? Say no more. We found 13 super-cool lunch boxes your students will love. 


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