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What the Zodiac Has in Store This Month: Your July 2018 Horoscope

The stars are beautifully aligned in water signs. We’re promised high tides of emotional sensitivity and flowing aid as generous Jupiter and selfless Neptune — the two planets of heightened faith — take turns supporting the sun.

The new moon in Cancer (10:47 p.m. EDT July 12) is pregnant with opportunity; new moons are the best time of the month to begin again with good intentions. However, penetrating Pluto dominates the skies at this time in fierce opposition to the sun and moon, powerfully challenging our motives.

Note a hotly charged — and highly emotional — full moon comes to pass on July 27 (4:20 p.m. EDT). By now, the sun will be in regal Leo, while the moon will shine brightly in the people’s sign, Aquarius. Energizing Mars is in retrograde throughout July, favoring inaction over a fighting spirit; ultimately it’s a time for peace and humanity and to recognize true heroism.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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