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The 10 Best Solo Trips for Women

As much as I love traveling with my friends and family, I have to admit that I get particularly excited when I have the opportunity to take a solo trip. Compromise is great and all, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving the idea that you get to make all the decisions regarding said trip. (After all, they’re your vacation days and money we’re talking about.) 

When you’re in a new city or country on your own, you get to set the itinerary from start to finish — and by tailoring the trip to suit your passions and interests, you’re likely to leave with a greater appreciation for the destination. Plus, traveling solo is empowering and shows us just how self-sufficient we can be. Even if it’s a little stressful and anxiety-inducing at times, there’s a lot to be said for learning firsthand that we’re perfectly capable of handling roadblocks (either figurative or literal) without the help of a friend or significant other. 

Whether you’re a young professional who’s saved up her paychecks for the purpose of a solo trip or a mom who needs some much-deserved alone time, put these 10 destinations on your shortlist. 

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