19 Quirky Pool Floats That Are Seriously Next Level

Is it just us, or does summer get hotter with each passing year? (Blame it on global warming, am I right?) The only way to make it through the muggy middle months anymore is through copious amounts of time spent in a cool body of water. And, c'mon, you can't very well have the breezy, Insta-perfect summer of your dreams without a trendy pool float or three. 

But not just any pool float will do. Last year, unicorns and swans saw their heyday, meaning this year, you've got to up the ante. Don't fret, though — we scoured the internet to find 19 pool floats that will truly take your pool game to the next level. 

From peacocks big enough for an entire party to beer steins that double as pool coolers, we managed to find something for everyone. So get ready to dive into major summer fun with these quirky flotation devices by your side. 


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