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A Look Inside the Most Expensive Tiny Homes on the Market

When tiny homes first started gaining popularity, part of what attracted people to them was their incredible price point — $20,000 for your own home? It’s a deal that’s hard to beat. But small houses have been around forever, and the housing market is hard, which means that many tiny homes — which we’re calling anything below 450 square feet — aren’t so cheap.

Partly, it depends on the location. Do you want to live in Southern California, where prices are especially high? Sometimes, it also depends on the lot — a tiny home in a lot is one thing; a tiny home on 50 acres is another. Or maybe it’s just about your personal limit for luxury. Just because you have to live small doesn’t mean you can’t live large, so to speak.

With this in mind, we investigated what some of the most expensive tiny homes on the market look like right now. The top price point is over a million dollars, but when you get a look at it, you might find yourself sighing with longing the way we do over a gorgeous manor house. Ah, well. The lottery is bound to work out eventually, right?

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