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13 Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts That Still Feel Thoughtful

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t panic! There’s still time to send the dad in your life a little love. We assume you’re reading this for inspiration, but let’s be honest: The most thoughtful gift you can get a dad is one that really reflects his personality or your relationship, and unfortunately, we don’t know your dad like that (although we’re sure he’s swell!) Instead, we’ve had to make a few of those tired dad generalizations about cookouts (who doesn’t love a cookout?!) and golf.

But the thing is, some dads do really love those things. It’s all about knowing the dad you’re buying for. Does he prioritize his weekends around 18 grassy holes? Does he welcome you into his home with promises to feed you the best burger of your life? Is he always seeking out hot sauce? Does he love a sentimental gift?

Whatever type of dad you have, we hope these gifts help lead you to a meaningful, perfect(ly affordable) gift for him for Father’s Day.

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