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12 Shark Tank Items You Can Buy on Amazon

If you’re a business-minded person, you probably love the show Shark Tank. The premise of the show is that business owners pitch their products to investors in an attempt to make a deal. Some of the products have already been rather successful, and the company is looking to expand; others are relatively new.

There are nine seasons so far, and it’s not just a gimmicky show: These products really end up on the market. From sponges to lamps to breathalyzers to cupcakes, if you can pitch it, the Sharks will consider it.

We collected some of the best products that have been featured on the show. But just because these items appeared on Shark Tank doesn’t mean they were ultimately selected by the Sharks. Some of them got turned away only to make their own path through crowdfunding and other methods.

Want to invest in these products yourself? Here are products featured on Shark Tank that fans can now purchase on Amazon.

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