The Funniest Father’s Day Cards of 2018

May 24, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Dad with teenage daughter laughing
Image: WordFindersClub, CrimsonandCloverGift/Etsy, Seas And Peas, Getty Images/Design: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows
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Are you still emotionally recovering from writing your mom's Mother's Day card? God, all those feelings poured out onto cardstock likely has your hand still cramping. Our tear ducts need a well-deserved break. 

But alas, it's almost time for Father's Day. Luckily, dads are a little easier to shop for — and we can have a little more fun picking out their Father's Day cards.

Of course you'll want to write out just how much you love him and appreciate his support over the years — you know, the usual. But picking out the funniest card possible is probably the best part if we're being perfectly honest here.

Ahead, we have 11 of our favorite funny Father's Day cards — complete with pop culture references for the "hip" dads (from SNL to The Shining), political references and cards complimenting their parenting skills (because they did raise you, after all).

1 /11: Debbie Downer from 'SNL'

1/11 :Debbie Downer from 'SNL'

2/11 :Dad Jokes

3 /11: Proper Lady

3/11 :Proper Lady

4 /11: 'Maury'

4/11 :'Maury'

5 /11: Unwed & Saving You Money

5/11 :Unwed & Saving You Money

6 /11: Miss You Like Obama

6/11 :Miss You Like Obama

7 /11: 'The Shining'

7/11 :'The Shining'

8 /11: Least Disappointing Child

8/11 :Least Disappointing Child

9 /11: 'I'm Amazing'

9/11 :'I'm Amazing'

10 /11: Ron Burgundy

10/11 :Ron Burgundy

11 /11: 'I'll Always Be Your Financial Burden'

11/11 :'I'll Always Be Your Financial Burden'