Modern Wedding Bands for the Minimalist Bride

Apr 12, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Modern Wedding Bands for Minimalist Brides
Image: Getty Images/Design: Kenzie Mastroe/SheKnows

Congrats! If you’re here, chances are good you’re planning to pop the question or have already had someone pop the question to you. Getting married is a momentous occasion in life, and the wedding band serves as a reminder of that special day — a testament to the circular cycle of a love that never ends.  

But not every bride desires the big, flashy wedding ring. Some of us lean toward a simpler style of band. We’re modern romantics —minimalists by nature. We’d rather have something understated because, hey, the way we feel for our significant other means we don't need the flashy accouterment. To be honest, when it comes to our jewelry or our lives in general, we embrace a minimalist approach.  

Sound familiar? If your heart keeps pulling you toward a subtle aesthetic, the following minimalist wedding bands for modern brides could be the perfect marriage of form and function. 

1 /23: Dainty Baguette Band

1/23 :Dainty Baguette Band

2 /23: The Woodland

Minimalist Wedding Bands Woodland
Image: Ash Hilton

2/23 :The Woodland

3 /23: Diamond Drop-In Band

Minimalist Wedding Band Diamond Drop-In
Image: Sarah & Sebastian

3/23 :Diamond Drop-In Band

4 /23: Tiny Spikes Eternity Ring

Minimalist Wedding Band Tiny Spikes
Image: Zoe Chicco

4/23 :Tiny Spikes Eternity Ring

5 /23: Etched Yellow Band

5/23 :Etched Yellow Band

6 /23: The 'Rough Baby'

Minimalist Wedding Bands Rough Baby
Image: T. Kahres Jewelry

6/23 :The 'Rough Baby'

7 /23: Faceted Band

7/23 :Faceted Band

8 /23: Emerald-Cut Ring

Minimalist Wedding Band Emerald Cut
Image: Vrai & Oro

8/23 :Emerald-Cut Ring

9 /23: Fingerprint Ring

Minimalist Wedding Band Fingerprint ring
Image: Brent & Jess

9/23 :Fingerprint Ring

10 /23: The Elektra

Minimalist Wedding Bands The Elektra
Image: T. Kahres Jewelry

10/23 :The Elektra

11 /23: Geometric Gold Band

11/23 :Geometric Gold Band

12 /23: Spaced Champagne Diamond Band

Minimalist Wedding Band Spaced Champagne
Image: Catbird

12/23 :Spaced Champagne Diamond Band

13 /23: Gold Constellation Ring

13/23 :Gold Constellation Ring

14 /23: Simple Textured Square Band

14/23 :Simple Textured Square Band

15 /23: Wide Matte-Silver Ring

15/23 :Wide Matte-Silver Ring

16 /23: The Pale Blue Eyes

Minimalist Wedding Bands Pale Blue Eyes
Image: Catbird

16/23 :The Pale Blue Eyes

17 /23: The Senna Thin Band

Minimalist Wedding Bands Senna Thin
Image: Bario Neal

17/23 :The Senna Thin Band

18 /23: Asscher-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

18/23 :Asscher-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

19 /23: Mixed-Metal Wedding Band

19/23 :Mixed-Metal Wedding Band

20 /23: Rose-Gold Eternity Band

20/23 :Rose-Gold Eternity Band

21 /23: The Nora

Minimalist Wedding Bands Nora
Image: Catbird

21/23 :The Nora

22 /23: The Senna Narrow Band

Minimalist Wedding Bands Senna Narrow
Image: Bario Neal

22/23 :The Senna Narrow Band

23 /23: The Owen

Minimalist Wedding Band Owen
Image: Catbird

23/23 :The Owen