How to Create the Ultimate Royal Wedding Viewing Party at Home

by Kristine Cannon
Apr 19, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Prince Harry Meghan Markle in Northern Ireland
Image: Getty Images/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

It's coming: the biggest event of 2018… aside from the Season 2 premiere of Westworld, of course. 

We're talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. 

If you haven't marked your calendar yet, here are the details: The royal wedding will take place on May 19 at 12 p.m. GMT (or 7 a.m. ET and 4 a.m. PT) at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in England, with the dean of Windsor conducting the service and archbishop of Canterbury officiating. 

While it hasn't been confirmed by Kensington Palace that the ceremony will broadcast live, TMZ reports that the palace will allow cameras in the Chapel for television. Plus, Prince William and Kate Middleton's ceremony was televised in 2011, so... it's almost guaranteed. 

That said, the ceremony is early. Not quite as early as William and Kate's, which aired at 6 a.m. ET, but still pretty damn early for a Saturday. Which leads to the question: Is it even worth throwing a viewing party? The answer is a very enthusiastic yes!

We have everything you need to throw the best royal wedding viewing party, from what food and drinks you should serve to party invitations, fun decor and hilarious party gifts. 

1 /15: Send Invitations

1/15 :Send Invitations

First and foremost, you have to send the invitations! 

And this kit from Etsy user Jazzdoodles is all you need to get started. Send in the information to the seller, and it'll get printed on any size card you choose.

Royal wedding watching party invitations, $15 at Jazzdoodles/Etsy

2 /15: Put Up a Garland (or 2!)

royal wedding bunting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Image: OldhausVintage/Etsy, MakeItSewGoods/Etsy

2/15 :Put Up a Garland (or 2!)

What's a party without a decorative garland? 

We have two options for you: one that's a bit more subtle and trendy and another with Prince Harry and Markle's faces all over 'em. Or go with both! 

Royal wedding bunting garland, $36.94 at OldhausVintage/Etsy

Triangular royal wedding bunting, $14.70 at MakeItSewGoods/Etsy

3 /15: Give Everyone Glittery Tiaras

3/15 :Give Everyone Glittery Tiaras

What's better than a glittery tiara? A glittery tiara that says, "I'd Marry Harry." It's a true statement, after all, and all of your party guests should wear one. 

Glittery Harry tiaras, $24 at TheHappyGingerCo/Etsy

4 /15: Put Peonies on Display

4/15 :Put Peonies on Display

Markle's favorite flowers are peonies, and Kensington Palace tweeted that the floral designer, Philippa Craddock, will use flowers in season, including peonies.


So, peonies it is!

Go for clear, square vases for more of a mod look. What's great is you can get these almost anywhere, maybe even the dollar store. If you want to cut the stems down even further, go with Hearth & Hand with Magnolia's mini glass jug vases. They're so petite and adorable!

Mini glass jug vase, $4.99 at Target

5 /15: Serve Commemorative Cereal

5/15 :Serve Commemorative Cereal

At $60 a box, this seems incredibly steep, but how often can you say you served Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cereal at a party? Etsy user Political Cereals really went all out, and we want a box now...

Wedding Rings cereal, $60 at Political Cereals/Etsy

6 /15: Make Banana Muffins

6/15 :Make Banana Muffins

Back in December 2017, it was rumored Markle already requested a very specific flavor for their wedding cake: banana

"This will be the first royal wedding cake made from bananas," a source tells The Telegraph.

Now, Markle and Harry have apparently ditched the banana cake and settled on a lemon-elderflower-flavored cake, but the couple still loves all things banana, so these muffins will pay homage to one of the new couple's favorite flavors. 

These muffins from My Baking Addiction look so delicious with their cinnamon crumb topping, and they only take 35 minutes to make. Plus, they're completely appropriate to have early in the morning. 

If you aren't a muffin person, My Baking Addiction also has recipes for rum-coconut banana bread, banana Bundt cake and even banana whoopie pies. So many options!

7 /15: French Meringue Macarons

7/15 :French Meringue Macarons

What's a royal wedding viewing party without macarons? Bonus points if you serve banana-flavored macarons!

Not So Humble Pie has perfected the French meringue macaron, sharing with the blogosphere her macarons 101 tutorial. You can give her recipe a shot or go grab a box from your local bakery. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to put them on display.

8 /15: Serve Champagne Sangria

8/15 :Serve Champagne Sangria

Markle loves red wine, but red wine early the morning feels a little... harsh. Instead, opt for a sangria that uses Champagne instead, like this one from No Spoon Necessary. This bubbly, sweet, refreshing sangria has blood orange, pomegranate and strawberry — and I need a glass, stat.

If you and your friends are hardcore, took the day off and don't mind the red wine intake before noon, then give Stay Snatched's red wine Champagne sangria a try.

9 /15: ...or Opt for Strawberry Mimosas

9/15 :...or Opt for Strawberry Mimosas

If you're more of a mimosa fan, these strawberry mimosas from The Cookie Rookie look delicious. They're made with Champagne (of course) and Naked Berry Blast Smoothie juice. Top it off with a fresh strawberry, and you have breakfast in a flute. 

10 /15: Serve Coconut-Blueberry-Acai Smoothies

10/15 :Serve Coconut-Blueberry-Acai Smoothies

It's always a great idea to have a nonalcoholic beverage option, and these coconut-blueberry-acai smoothies from Kimberly Snyder are definitely appropriate. Markle is obsessed with acai bowls as much as we are. This particular smoothie, though, adds coconut and blueberry flavors — a fantastic (and healthy) morning treat. 

11 /15: Put Down Commemorative Coasters

11/15 :Put Down Commemorative Coasters

Don't forget to throw down some coasters — with Prince Harry and Markle's faces. 

These commemorative coasters are all you really need. Have everyone take one home with them too.

Royal heritage coasters, $10 at Amazon

12 /15: Serve Fancy Avocado Toast

12/15 :Serve Fancy Avocado Toast

As we know by now, Markle is a total foodie (like the rest of us), which means she is absolutely an avocado toast fan

With or without the runny soft-boiled egg, this avocado spread from A Beautiful Plate is so, so easy to make. You don't have to serve it on such a large piece of sourdough bread, either. Make them bite-size, but be sure they don't sit out for too long!

13 /15: Have Appropriate Attire

13/15 :Have Appropriate Attire

If you have the extra money to burn, give each of your guests one of these über-cute "When Harry Met Meghan" T-shirts. They're a little pricey per shirt, but totally worth it if you have a smaller guest list.

"When Harry Met Meghan" T-shirt, $26.50 at Jazzdoodles/Etsy

14 /15: Get Lit

14/15 :Get Lit

A prayer candle with Markle's face on it? Your royal wedding viewing party isn't a real party without one.

Meghan Markle prayer candle, $12 at KLerCreations/Etsy

15 /15: Give Everyone a Pair of Earrings

15/15 :Give Everyone a Pair of Earrings

Or, if you're working with a smaller budget, these Harry and Markle earrings from Etsy user Witty Chicken are much cheaper. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earrings, $8.50 at WittyChicken/Etsy