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10 Brands Leading the Body-Positive Movement with Unretouched Ads

It goes without saying that the inclusion of all body types in mainstream advertising is a long-awaited and much-needed change. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been fed images that assume lighter — both in skin tone and weight — is better and a standard everyone should measure themselves against. But in 2018, a year when political upheaval and activism are becoming increasingly important, we’re saying, “Boy, bye,” to that ridiculous rule.

Thankfully, brands with major influence are doing their part too by making significant changes to the way they promote their products. Although the occasional Photoshop fail can actually be humorous, we’re ecstatic it’s being eliminated from advertising altogether.

And while we’re not sure if keeping it all-the-way real has a positive influence on sales, we’re personally excited (and motivated to shop) whenever we the consumers see ourselves reflected in ads online, in stores and inside magazines. Ahead are 10 brands leading the charge with their contribution to this sector of the body-positive movement.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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