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14 Beautiful Train Trips to Take This Spring

Traveling by train is easily my favorite way to get around. Sure, they take longer than flying, but you also don’t have to get to the train station several hours ahead of your trip, and when you arrive at your destination, you’re likely right in the center of the city instead of an airport on the outskirts. The ride is much smoother than the bus — good news for those of us who get motion sickness — and the bathrooms are decidedly less disgusting. Beyond all that, you don’t miss any of the scenery on a train, giving you the chance to enjoy the ride and start relaxing right away.

And spring is the ideal season to take a rail vacation: The weather is warming up and everything is in bloom.

“Springtime is an especially good time to embark on a rail journey,” Todd Powell, CEO and cofounder of Vacations by Rail tells SheKnows. “Weather in most destinations is temperate, and scenery from your train window and in your chosen destination is alive with vibrant colors. Keep an eye out for animals awake from their winter slumber! Best yet, the spring travel season typically offers savings compared to the height of summer.”

In case you need some more inspiration, here are a few trip suggestions. 

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