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10 Bachelorette Weekend Trips That Aren’t the Least Bit Cheesy

We’ve seen it replayed over and over in chick flicks: the bachelorette party in Las Vegas where everyone gets drunk and hilarity (and ridiculousness) ensue. Or the bachelorette party decorated floor to ceiling with penis-shaped candy and decor in a cabin where — surprise! — a stripper shows up. 

But not all bachelorette parties need to be this… well… predictable. 

Have you ever considered a girlfriend getaway overseas? If it’s a small enough group, ask everyone if they feel comfortable saving up a few hundred dollars to book a flight to a country none of you have visited before for a weekend or find a great weeklong Groupon deal for everyone to split. It’d be a trip no one in your bridal party would soon forget.

You could also make it a more local adventure: Go deep into nature, rent a cabin and do some hiking or head up north to hit the slopes, go skiing and take part in, most important, some après ski. The point is you can do really anything you want, and the options are seemingly endless.

Here are 10 bachelorette weekend trips we love that aren’t the least bit cheesy.

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