11 Big, Leafy Plants That'll Bring Your Empty Corner to Life

Mar 13, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Big, Leafy House Plants:
Image: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

By: Alyssa Clough

We all have one. A sad, empty corner that you could style a few ways but just never have. Our current favorite solution? A big, leafy plant. Not quite a “tree” (we have small city apartments, OK?), but a plant that’s larger than your average monstera. Keep reading for a variety of plant babies that will instantly brighten up your home.

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1 /10: Palm Plants

Big, Leafy House Plants:  Palm Plants
Image: Sara Kerens

1/10 :Palm Plants

2 /10: Rubber Tree

Big, Leafy House Plants:  Rubber Tree
Image: Laure Joilet

2/10 :Rubber Tree

3 /10: Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Big, Leafy House Plants: Fiddle Leaf Fig
Image: @1956BLOOMS

3/10 :Fiddle-Leaf Fig

4 /10: Bird of Paradise

Big, Leafy House Plants: Bird of Paradise
Image: Aaron Bengochea

4/10 :Bird of Paradise

5 /10: Dracaena Lisa Plant

Big, Leafy House Plants:
Image: My City Plants

5/10 :Dracaena Lisa Plant

6 /10: Plant Pedestal Solution

6/10 :Plant Pedestal Solution

7 /10: Your Favorites… Just a Bit Bigger

7/10 :Your Favorites… Just a Bit Bigger

8 /10: Yucca Plant

Big, Leafy House Plants: Yucca Plant with a silver chair
Image: My City Plants

8/10 :Yucca Plant

9/10 :Money Tree

10 /10: Aralia fabian

Big, Leafy House Plants: Aralia fabian Next to Black Curio Cabinet

10/10 :Aralia fabian