The 7 Best Places for a 2018 Destination Wedding

Feb 22, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Best Destination Wedding Location
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Weddings — something many of us dream about and yet still when it comes to the actual planning of one, we’re overwhelmed with the number of decisions we have to make. Where do we go? Who do we invite? What means the most to us?

Destination weddings have become a popular way to blend what’s important to couples: being surrounded by their closest friends, seeing something new and having as much relaxation as possible. By picking a place far from home, you get to make the most of the vacation time you’d be using for your ceremony anyway.

Another benefit is that guests see the weddings as travel opportunities too. Many couples are sending guests on local excursions while the couple relaxes and enjoys their new union in private. With resorts hosting events like nature walks, scuba diving and paddleboarding, it’s getting easier to do.

Sold? Here are the best places for a destination wedding in 2018.

1 /7: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Best Destination Wedding Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Image: Andaz Mayakoba

1/7 :Riviera Maya, Mexico

2 /7: Kent, England

2/7 :Kent, England

3 /7: Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

3/7 :Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

4 /7: Estes Park, Colorado

4/7 :Estes Park, Colorado

5 /7: Krabi, Thailand

5/7 :Krabi, Thailand

6 /7: Sedona, Arizona

6/7 :Sedona, Arizona

7 /7: Montego Bay, Jamaica

7/7 :Montego Bay, Jamaica