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A Look Inside Some of the Most Glamorous Tiny Homes for Sale

Living in a New York City apartment is similar to living in a tiny home: efficiency appliances, limited closet space, a microscopic kitchen and nowhere to hide from a bad roommate. But unlike owners of tiny homes, I live in a pint-size place not by choice but by default — I can’t afford anything else. Living in tight quarters, however, does have its perks. Having less space forces you to live with less stuff — clutter is kept at bay and it’s easier to keep your home neat and tidy.

Many homeowners are choosing to go small for environmental reasons and more financial freedom. The tiny home market is booming, and people are foregoing the traditional route for a more compact way of life. These eco-friendly homes are not only easy on the wallet (low mortgage payments!) but easy on the eyes as well. With modern design and functionality in mind, these homes are cleverly conceived and oh-so beautiful.

Micro-homes often measure less than 300 square feet, yet they include all the traditional amenities of a full-size home — a sleeping area, a bathroom, a modern kitchen, hidden storage and nooks for eating and relaxing. Whether you’re thinking of downsizing or just enjoy looking at pretty properties, you’ll love these gorgeous tiny homes.

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