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11 Picture-Perfect Winter Destinations to Put on Your Travel List

The holidays are over, but winter is still here. If that sparks some excitement in you, you might be in the market for a winter vacation. Maybe you’re like me, a local to Arizona, and you’re lucky if you get to wear a sweater around the house because it’s January and already reaching the mid-70s in the afternoon. Maybe you just really love winter — the chance of snow, the warm wooly socks, the feeling of being all bundled up before stepping outside. Or maybe you’re just looking to make the most out of winter since, you know, it comes around every year, and there’s no use wishing it wouldn’t.

Who says vacations have to be in tropical climates? Not us. There are lots of places you can visit to help you embrace the winter weather. Whether it’s stunning architecture, amazing slopes or going dog sledding in the Arctic Circle under aurora borealis (yes, please!), we’ve rounded up the best places to don your warmest clothing and explore.

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