Fun, school-approved shoes

by SheKnows
Jul 15, 2012 at 2:51 a.m. ET
Perfect for the fashion-forward boy or girl, these high-top sneakers by Converse are the perfect everyday school shoe. Available at JCP for $28.

1 /9: Boy's canvas slip-on

1/9 :Boy's canvas slip-on

A trendy alternative to sneakers, these canvas slip-ons are a great choice for boys. Available at JCP for $20.

2 /9: Girl's American flag shoes

2/9 :Girl's American flag shoes

The perfect statement shoe for the little patriot, these American flag-inspired shoes from Skechers Lil' Bobs line are a great slip-on sneaker. Available at JCP for $30.

3 /9: Girl's Mary Janes

3/9 :Girl's Mary Janes

Classic school style, these Mary Janes by French Toast come in brown, navy and black. Available at JCP for $17.

4 /9: Girl's flats

4/9 :Girl's flats

Featuring a twist-top bow and jute-wrapped sole, this easy slip-on flat is a great school-day pick. Available at JCP for $14.

5 /9: Girl's moccasin

5/9 :Girl's moccasin

These black moccasins feature a cute top bow, perfect for the everyday fashionista. Available at JCP for $20.

6 /9: Girl's bungee knot sneakers

6/9 :Girl's bungee knot sneakers

Great for quick on and off, these Converse sneakers feature a bungee knot top in bright colors. Available at JCP for $32.

7 /9: Boy's Converse shoes

7/9 :Boy's Converse shoes

Classic and stylish, these Chuck Taylor oxford shoes by Converse are a top-pick school shoe for boys. Available at JCP for $28.

8 /9: Boy's sneakers

8/9 :Boy's sneakers

These lightweight sneakers by Skechers are a great pick for the boy who is always on the go. Available at JCP for $37.

9 /9: Boy's skate shoes

9/9 :Boy's skate shoes

For the boy who lives on his board, these skate shoes by Vans are the perfect footwear. Available at JCP for $20.