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9 Pieces of Luggage That Will Make Your 2018 Travel So Much Better

There are two kinds of travelers in this world — schleppers and non-schleppers. The schleppers wield multiple bags with things falling out and convey a general sense of disarray. The non-schleppers have a compact carry-on and breeze through security with the ease of a seasoned traveler. Unfortunately, I fall into the former category and often drag my overstuffed carry-on through the airport along with a heavy tote bag filled to the brim with way too many personal items and snacks.

In the new year, I’m vowing to up my travel game with some sleek new luggage. These nine pieces are not only stylish, but practical and high quality. You’ll be whizzing through the airport with ease with this luggage in tow.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea or you just want to be better equipped when traveling yourself, we’ve got you covered. From adorable luggage tags and toiletry kits to glossy wheeled carry-on bags and laptop backpacks, you’ll be the envy of the entire airport and a proud member of the non-schlepper’s society.

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