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19 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Still Get Delivered by Christmas Eve

Here we are, a few weeks away from Christmas, and you still haven’t checked all the names off of your list yet. Don’t feel bad; we’ve all been there. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a holiday tradition for me, scrambling at the last minute to wrangle up all the presents I should have purchased months prior.

But when you wait until the last minute, it often means filling your online shopping cart and crossing your fingers the shipping date that pops up gets the gift there on time. Who needs that added stress, though? It’s way more fun to kick back in some cozy socks, sip on a little eggnog and simply turn to everyone’s BHF (best holiday friend): Amazon Prime.

The following Prime gifts are total crowd-pleasers and — bonus! — will arrive in time for the recipient to open them on Christmas Day (or even Christmas Eve, if that’s your thing).

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