14 Gifts That Will Delight Every Chocolate Lover

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Dec 21, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Some things are nearly universal: A love of puppies. Being down to order a pizza. An abiding love of chocolate. Although pretty much everyone is happy to get a chocolate-related gift, you probably have a friend whose love of chocolate is just a little bit... extra. The bad news is you’ll never be able to drag them away from the chocolate fountain. The good news is we’ve got a handy guide to gifts they'll love for the holidays.

Before you think we’ve just rounded up a list of chocolate bars, know that we’re better than that. We’ve got chocolate, yes, but we’ve also got Oreo necklaces, chocolate-scented candles and an eye shadow palette that's infused with chocolate and real gold. When you really love something, you don’t let it go. You turn it into a trinket and find a way to represent it in every corner of your house. This gift guide will help you (ahem, we mean your friend) do that.

This post is sponsored by Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Gold Collection.

1 /14: S'mores slippers

1/14 :S'mores slippers

S’mores slippers, $39 at Modcloth

2 /14: Chocolate truffles kit

2/14 :Chocolate truffles kit

Make your own chocolate truffles kit, $35 at Uncommon Goods

3 /14: Chocolate fountain

3/14 :Chocolate fountain

Mini chocolate fountain, $20 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

4 /14: Chocolate gold eye shadow palette

4/14 :Chocolate gold eye shadow palette

Chocolate gold eye shadow palette, $49 at Too Faced

5 /14: Coop's hot fudge

5/14 :Coop's hot fudge

Coop’s hot fudge, $15 at Amazon

6 /14: Hot cocoa candle

6/14 :Hot cocoa candle

Hot cocoa candle, $27 at Amazon

7 /14: Chocolate soap

7/14 :Chocolate soap

Box of chocolate soaps, $28 at Uncommon Goods

8 /14: Chocolate fudge bath bomb

8/14 :Chocolate fudge bath bomb

Chocolate fudge bath bomb, $6 at Fizz & Bubble

9 /14: Chocolate of the Month Club membership

9/14 :Chocolate of the Month Club membership

Chocolate of the Month Club membership, $35 at Chocolate of the Month Club

10 /14: Chocopologie cookbook

10/14 :Chocopologie cookbook

Chocopologie: Confections & Baked Treats from the Acclaimed Chocolatier by Fritz Knipschildt, $13 at Amazon

11 /14: Oreo cookie necklace

11/14 :Oreo cookie necklace

Life-size oreo cookie necklace, $15 at KawaiiKiosk on Etsy

12 /14: Peppermint chocolate pretzels

12/14 :Peppermint chocolate pretzels

Peppermint chocolate pretzels, $4 at Fatty Sundays

13 /14: Chocolate molecule necklace

13/14 :Chocolate molecule necklace

Chocolate molecule necklace, $25 on Molecular Motifs on Etsy

14 /14: Dark chocolate body butter

14/14 :Dark chocolate body butter

Dark chocolate body butter, $15 at SkinLikeButter on Etsy