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Your December 2017 Horoscope Has Arrived

Mercury appears retrograde just a few hours before the full moon peaks in Gemini (10:47 a.m. EST), promising a heightened start to the festive season. This December, our communication and networking planet backtracks through Sagittarius — known as the most outspoken sign due to its jubilant optimism, amassed knowledge and sense of faith.

The spin cycle concludes on the 22nd — in time for the holidays but not before the new moon resets our intentions on the 18th (1:30 a.m. EST). This point in the month draws attention to all Saturn’s work, restructuring what’s been accomplished over the past three years — celebrate amassed wisdom from this spell. Saturn changes signs Dec. 19, beginning a lengthy stint in Capricorn. Reality and responsibility are dispatched in a new area for us all.

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