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8 Travel Items Our Editors Never Leave Home Without

Growing up, I always envisioned myself becoming a world traveler, and I thought the idea of spending at least a few weeks a year flying to new destinations was the most glamorous way to live. Now that I have a whole lot of 15-plus-hour flights under my belt, I can assure you that traveling to your destination is anything but glamorous. The crowded planes, bad food, dry cabin air and endless noise are enough to drive even the calmest person bonkers.

As editors, my colleagues and I travel a lot. Whether it’s for a press trip or interview, or just to visit one of our other offices, we spend a good portion of each year trying to work from the comfort of a teeny-tiny airplane seat. Luckily, we’ve pretty much nailed down how to make travel as painless as possible. As we all gear up for our holiday travel, we decided to round up our favorite travel accessories in hopes that they make your travel a little less stressful too.

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