18 DIY BFF Gifts for When Your Budget Is Zero

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Nov 24, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

A good BFF — which for some of us is a tier, not a person — is hard to find, and when you have one, you know to hang onto them. The holidays are a great time to say thank you for the awesome friendship and let your friend see just how much you get them. It’s also a time of year when many of us are, ahem, flat out of money.

That’s where DIYs come in. The best DIY tutorials manage to take things you might already have or could acquire for very, very cheap and turn them into Anthropologie-inspired decor and jewelry items. Us frequently broke folk long ago figured out that DIYs are often the best way to marry our moneylessness with our exceptionally good taste. Plus, there’s something especially cool about knowing the next time they get compliments on whatever it is you hand them, they’ll have to give a shoutout to your DIY skills.

1 /18: DIY no-knit cowl

1/18 :DIY no-knit cowl

Get the tutorial at We Can Make Anything.

2 /18: DIY raw stone earrings

2/18 :DIY raw stone earrings

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois.

3 /18: DIY picnic blanket

3/18 :DIY picnic blanket

Get the tutorial at Brit + Co.

4 /18: DIY triangle leather pouch

4/18 :DIY triangle leather pouch

Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

5 /18: DIY body butter

5/18 :DIY body butter

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

6 /18: Lavender clay mask

6/18 :Lavender clay mask

Get the tutorial at Soap Queen.

7 /18: DIY ice dye pillows

7/18 :DIY ice dye pillows

Get the tutorial at Dans le Lake House.

8 /18: DIY pressed plant frame

8/18 :DIY pressed plant frame

Get the tutorial at Alana Jonesmann.

9 /18: DIY lip balm

9/18 :DIY lip balm

Get the tutorial at Paper & Stitch.

10 /18: DIY macrame planter

10/18 :DIY macrame planter

Get the tutorial at Why Don’t You Make Me.

11 /18: DIY tassel earrings

11/18 :DIY tassel earrings

Get the tutorial at DIY in PDX.

12 /18: DIY statement wall hanging

12/18 :DIY statement wall hanging

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

13 /18: DIY throw blanket

13/18 :DIY throw blanket

Get the tutorial at Love of Home.

14 /18: DIY peppermint sugar scrub

14/18 :DIY peppermint sugar scrub

Get the tutorial at The Idea Room.

15 /18: DIY crystal necklace holder

15/18 :DIY crystal necklace holder

Get the tutorial at Minted.

16 /18: DIY (rein)deer string art

16/18 :DIY (rein)deer string art

Get the tutorial at Clean & Scentsible.

17 /18: DIY picture on wood

17/18 :DIY picture on wood

Get the tutorial at A Girl & a Glue Gun.

18 /18: DIY flattened wine bottle

18/18 :DIY flattened wine bottle

Get the tutorial at eHow.