The 13 Best Airbnb Deals for $100 or Less This Holiday Season

Holidays often mean travel. Sometimes there’s a bed available in your sister-in-laws guesthouse, but sometimes there isn’t, or maybe you’d just like some peace and quiet away from the family before and after dinner, or maybe you’d like to fly across the country to get away from your family altogether and built-in corporate holidays are exactly the time to do it.

Good news! Airbnb has a ton of affordable rooms and even entire apartments available over the holidays, all of them under $100. The following apartments were, as of writing, all available between the Dec. 22 and 26. They all promise privacy and quiet and are relatively within civilization should you want to do some exploring. So whether you’re flying to Vegas or Atlanta, consider one of these hip, cozy places to stay.

Here’s our list of some of the best holiday Airbnbs available in major cities.