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15 DIY Bath Bombs That Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers

Raise your hand if you only ever use bath bombs when somebody’s gifted you one. Yeah, me too. I’m a shower girl through and through, not because I don’t like baths, but because they take so much more time. Why would I invest in something I never take the time to do? That’s what you’re really giving when you give somebody a bath bomb, a reminder: Slow down. Relax. Be nice to yourself.

This year, you get to be that friend. Why? Because these DIY bath bombs are not only incredibly luxurious, they’re also crafty as heck. The benefits are threefold. You get to 1) make something super-cheap so you don’t blow your holiday budget, 2) give your friends something they’ll actually use and 3) get in touch with your inner creative queen.

Ready to hand out the favorite White Elephant gift at your holiday party? Check out these tutorials for homemade bath bombs.

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