12 Castles You Can Visit Without a Passport

Castles are some of the coolest types of architecture out there, especially for people who haven’t grown up around them. In places like the U.K., it’s not rare to have castles in a major city center, but in the U.S., you don’t expect to see one at all.

But there are more castles in the U.S. than you might imagine. Sure, they never housed kings and queens (though their owners may have lived like royalty), but they often have everything you love: towers, ballrooms and gorgeous landscape. Some of them are museums, but a few of them, if you’re feeling rather royal, you can stay in as a guest.

And these castles? They’re all over the place — Ohio, Kentucky, California, even Arizona. They all look remarkably different, from faux-ancient and foreboding to fairylike kingdoms. Put away your passport. Check out these gorgeous U.S. castles and where to find them.