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14 Gifts for People Who Love Crystals, Candles & Ouija Boards

I guess you could say I’ve always been drawn to the darker side. When most 3-year-olds were asking to watch My Little Ponies, I was sneaking downstairs at midnight to watch The Exorcist. Much to my mother’s dismay, my love for all things paranormal only grew as I got older. 

Fast-forward to 2017, and one look around my apartment would tell you I don’t have the most mainstream hobbies. My crystal collection could probably rival Spencer Pratt’s. I have a bookshelf full of tarot cards and bundles of sage lying around, and if you were nosey enough to open my closet, you would probably stumble onto my box full of ghost-hunting gear. I know. I’m weird. But luckily, my witchy interests are becoming much more popular these days. In fact, it’s even becoming trendy to proudly flaunt your alternative interests. 

If witchcraft, crystals and contacting the dead aren’t your thing, shopping for friends who are into all this stuff can be a struggle. So if you are shopping for a witch this holiday season and have no idea what she’d like, let this be your complete guide to witch gift-giving. I’ve rounded up some of the best items available this year that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest crystal-loving woo-woo friend. 

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