12 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren’t the Least Bit Cheesy

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for multipacks of candy and horror films. It’s also a time to let your creativity sparkle through costumes. Maybe you’ll show the world your sense of humor, your favorite pop-culture moments or a throwback to your favorite TV show. Costumes are the perfect way to do it.

What better way show off your genius than with your partner or best friend? Duo costumes don’t have to be lame or cliché. There are countless cool pairings that go together like bread and (pumpkin) butter.

We found some relatively simple, comfortable-to-wear, not-lame costumes that will be a blast to wear, whether you’re at a big party or handing out candy to kids all night. Now, it’s up to you to figure out who your partner in crime for the night will be and get to brainstorming a costume you’ll always remember. But these ideas will help.

A version of this article was originally published October 2018.