15 Couples Halloween Costumes That Aren't Lame

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Oct 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for multipacks of candy and horror films. It’s also a time to let your creativity sparkle through costumes. Maybe you’ll show the world your sense of humor, your favorite pop-culture moments or a throwback to your favorite TV show. Costumes are the perfect way to do it.

What better way show off your genius than with your partner or best friend? Duo costumes don’t have to be lame or cliché. There are countless cool pairings that go together like bread and (pumpkin) butter.

We found some relatively simple, comfortable-to-wear, not-lame costumes that will be a blast to wear whether you’re at a big party or handing out candy to kids all night. Now it’s up to you to figure out who your partner in crime for the night is and get to brainstorming a costume you’ll always remember. These ideas will help.

1 /15: Ash & Pikachu

1/15 :Ash & Pikachu

Show your Poke-love with an Ash and Pikachu pairing.

2 /15: Elliot & Gertie from 'ET'

2/15 :Elliot & Gertie from 'ET'

Help ET phone home with this adorable costume.

3 /15: Buddy the Elf & maple syrup

3/15 :Buddy the Elf & maple syrup

Show your love for one of the six main food groups with this Elf throwback.

4 /15: Barbie & Ken

4/15 :Barbie & Ken

A classic Halloween costume that's even more priceless when you keep it in the box.

5 /15: Forrest & Jenny

5/15 :Forrest & Jenny

Forrest's ping-pong paddle is what really sells this one.

6 /15: Eugene & Rapunzel

6/15 :Eugene & Rapunzel

You can go full cosplay with a Rapunzel and Eugene costume.

7 /15: Bob Ross & a painting

7/15 :Bob Ross & a painting

Be a real work of art by dressing up as Bob Ross and one of his paintings.

8 /15: Bob & Linda Belcher

8/15 :Bob & Linda Belcher

Really claim your title as best couple with a Bob and Linda Belcher costume.

9 /15: Google Maps

9/15 :Google Maps

The only thing that has your back more than your partner? Google Maps.

10 /15: Mary Poppins & Bert

10/15 :Mary Poppins & Bert

Because a chimney sweep is as lucky as lucky can be.

11 /15: Star-Lord & Gamora

11/15 :Star-Lord & Gamora

There is definitely a little something between Star-Lord and Gamora.

12 /15: Angelica & Chuckie

12/15 :Angelica & Chuckie

Two of the most recognizable characters from the classic Rugrats.

13 /15: Marty Mcfly & Doc

13/15 :Marty Mcfly & Doc

The coolest duo there ever has been. Not included: a DeLorean.

14 /15: Ron Swanson & breakfast

14/15 :Ron Swanson & breakfast

Be the egg yolk of Ron Swanson's eye with this costume.

15 /15: Peter Pan & his shadow

15/15 :Peter Pan & his shadow

Since you never want to grow up, have a great adventure as Peter Pan and his shadow.