21 Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2017

by Julie Sprankles
Sep 26, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET
Sexy Halloween Costumes
Image: Getty Images

There’s something liberating about shuffling out of your everyday wear and slipping into a Halloween costume. It’s the one day of the year when we all get to quit adulting for a few hours and just have fun. And, hey, it’s nice to dress up and feel sexy too.

It goes without saying that “sexy” is totally subjective. What you find sexy may be entirely different from the next person’s idea of sexy, and that’s OK. As long as you feel good in what you’ve got on, that’s all that really matters, right? Right!

So if you’ve decided to ditch the scary ensembles this year in favor of something a little spicier, the following 21 costumes should get your search off to a solid start. They’re original enough to help you stand out in a crowd of sexy kitties and French maids, and they still have plenty of appeal to boot.

1 /21: Ezio girl

1/21 :Ezio girl

Calling all gamer girls! Cosplay yourself into Assassin's Creed II in this ensemble. (Pink Impulse, $138)

2 /21: Miss Voorhees

2/21 :Miss Voorhees

If anyone says sexy and scary isn't a killer combo, you know what to do, Miss Voorhees. (Halloween Express, $84)

3 /21: Hippie

3/21 :Hippie

The world could use a few more sexy hippies running around. Make peace, not war! (Yandy, $70)

4 /21: Dark angel

4/21 :Dark angel

Indulge your secret desire to strut the Victoria's Secret runway in this dark angel costume. (Yandy, $150)

5 /21: Victorious warrior

5/21 :Victorious warrior

Channel the Game of Thrones badass within in this victorious warrior costume. (Yandy, $60)

6 /21: Lumber Jackie

6/21 :Lumber Jackie

Felling wood never looked so good. Bonus points if your S.O. dresses up as Babe the Blue Ox. (Pink Impulse, $46)

7 /21: Joan of Arc

7/21 :Joan of Arc

There's nothing hotter than a hero, right? Ride into the night as Joan of Arc. (Pink Impulse, $46)

8 /21: Miss Edward Scissorhands

8/21 :Miss Edward Scissorhands

Scissor hands are super-helpful for slicing through Halloween crowds. (Anytime Costumes, $40)

9/21 :Top Gun

When you feel the need — the need for speed — there's no other choice than Top Gun. (Halloween Express, $60)

10 /21: Miss Krueger

10/21 :Miss Krueger

Any self-respecting Freddy fan would feel fierce in this Miss Krueger costume. (Halloween Expres, $84)

11/21 :She-Ra

Go for nostalgia by dressing up as the childhood crush of every '80s and '90s kid. (Halloween Express, $44)

12 /21: Steampunk babe

12/21 :Steampunk babe

Bring loads of Victorian-industrial appeal to the party as a steampunk babe. (Yandy, $45)

13 /21: Boxing champ

13/21 :Boxing champ

What's sexier than being strong? Be a total knockout in this boxer costume. (Halloween Express, $66)

14 /21: Ghostbuster

14/21 :Ghostbuster

When there's something strange in the neighborhood, be the girl everyone wants to call. (Halloween Express, $74)

15 /21: Queen of the Nile

15/21 :Queen of the Nile

If you've got the guts, you'll definitely get all the glory when you go as the queen of the Nile. (Halloween Express, $65)

16 /21: Dark water siren

16/21 :Dark water siren

Be a dark siren in a sea of Little Mermaids this Halloween. (Lingerie Diva, $70)

17 /21: Flight attendant

17/21 :Flight attendant

You may not be at the front of a plane, but you'll still have everyone's attention in this get-up. (Amazon, $27) 

18 /21: Queen of Hearts

18/21 :Queen of Hearts

Life's a house of cards, and you can be the Queen of Hearts in this alluring costume. (Halloween Express, $76)

19 /21: Robin Hood

19/21 :Robin Hood

There's something inherently dangerous and sexy about being a heroic outlaw. (Halloween Express, $76)

20 /21: Glamazon warrior

20/21 :Glamazon warrior

Rule the evening when you dress up as a powerful Glamazon warrior. (Lingerie Diva, $50)

21 /21: Big bad wolf

21/21 :Big bad wolf

Let all the other ladies be Little Red Riding Hood. You were born to be a big bad wolf. (Halloween Express, $66)