13 Stunning Train Trips You Can Take This Fall

Well, hello, fall, you rascally summer-ender. The temps are cooling, the leaves are changing, and we’re wondering what new activities we can put on our roster to enjoy the season. Enter the train ride. It’s a perfect activity for a solo day out, a date with a friend (or friendlier, if you know what I mean) and even a good choice for families. You get all the gorgeous views of an outdoor excursion but you also get, you know, a seat. And sometimes even some train snacks.

The train trips we selected go to small towns, resorts, across state lines and even directly up a mountain. All of them feature fall foliage if you get the timing right, and some have Halloween activities — think pumpkin patches, murder mystery rides and haunted tours.

So check these out, buy a ticket, and try to resist the urge to call out, “Choo-choo!” when you get there.