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12 National Parks That Are Perfect for Fall Travel

The Northeast may be the best-known area for spectacular fall colors, but the good news is much of the U.S. is filled with trees and shrubs that put on their own stunning range of color. The trick? Knowing when to go. We put together a list of the best national parks to enjoy fall foliage in. There’s a good chance one of them isn’t too far from where you are, and hey, you deserve a trip to see something beautiful.

If you want to make a whole trip out of autumn leaf sightseeing, there’s even a helpful website to track expected fall color changes across the entire country. 

Whether you find yourself among the evergreens, cacti or plains or even if fall colors are part of your every autumn experience, we hope this list inspires you to check out and support our precious national parks.

Now go forth and have a gander at all this beauty.

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