17 Airbnbs That Look Like Something Out of a Fairy Tale

by Julie Sprankles
Sep 5, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

While many fairy tales take place in a faraway kingdom that exists largely in the imagination, that doesn't mean you can't feel like you just stepped into a storybook.

Enter some of the most picturesque Airbnbs from Atlanta, Georgia, to Edinburgh, Scotland. Seriously, these magical getaways are so full of classic charm you'll half expect a character from one of your favorite childhood fairy tales to walk in during your stay.

Before you argue that you can't afford to stay in a castle (yes, a real castle!), know this: Many of these dreamy Airbnbs are surprisingly affordable. And, anyway, can you really put a price on getting to feel like you're popping off the pages of a treasured tale?

If you've always felt like your life story is destined to start with "once upon a time," then you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to check out these enchanting Airbnbs.

1 /17: Dreamy tropical treehouse

1/17 :Dreamy tropical treehouse

Honestly, we don't know why you aren't here already. This secluded bamboo treehouse nestled on top of 15-foot stilts in the Hawaiian canopy is practically begging you to book a stay. Two super-fun details? You have to enter the treehouse through a trapdoor, and Volcano National Park is a mere 10 miles away. 

2 /17: Cozy storybook castle

2/17 :Cozy storybook castle

It's pretty easy to see why this estate is called the Cozy Storybook Castle. It could easily be the backdrop for any fairy tale. Built in 1917 and restored in 2000, it's the best of both worlds with old-school charm and modern amenities. There's even a medieval knight stationed in the inside porch. Well, his armor at least.

3 /17: Amazing 2-story treehouse

3/17 :Amazing 2-story treehouse

First of all, who doesn't dream of sleeping in a treehouse? And this one nestled in the New Hampshire woods couldn't be more captivating. Less than five minutes from both Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee, it's ideally located and packed with charm. I mean, c'mon... it has a mouse house, y'all. 

4 /17: Colstoun House

4/17 :Colstoun House

Rumor has it Colstoun House is the oldest inhabited home in Scotland, with the same family having lived in and owned the home for almost 900 years. If you want peace and quiet, you'll be surrounded by it: 2000 acres of both farm and parkland. Not to mention you can feast like a queen at that massive dining table.

5 /17: Nantucket Island yacht

5/17 :Nantucket Island yacht

Just look at this yacht. Now close your eyes and picture it again. Do you see Prince Eric standing regally beneath its mast? 'Cause we sure do. In addition to Little Mermaid-ian appeal, this circa 1953 Hinckley yacht has lots to offer — namely the chance to explore Nantucket Harbor in high style. 

6 /17: Elegant 18th-century castle

6/17 :Elegant 18th-century castle

Just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, you'll find Melville Castle: an 18th-century manor set within a 50-acre estate on the banks of the North Esk River. The castle was designed by renowned Scottish architect William Playfair in 1791 for entertaining on a grand scale, and it was once the hunting seat of Mary Queen of Scots. 

7 /17: Rococo romance

7/17 :Rococo romance

Are you swooning yet? You're not alone. Not only is this two-bedroom apartment located in a 100-year-old building in the historic Capitol Hill district of Denver, Colorado, but the recently renovated digs are decked out in decor that would feel at home in a French pied-à-terre. 



8 /17: Fairy tale gingerbread house

8/17 :Fairy tale gingerbread house

Is this adorable little gingerbread house oh so Hansel & Gretel or what? Tucked into a wooded area in California (not a German forest, like the OG fairy tale), this beauty is decorated with stained glass windows hugged by earthen trees and situated next to a hobbit house. In other words, it's what dreams are made of. 

9 /17: Quaint English garden cottage

9/17 :Quaint English garden cottage

If this doesn't make you want to sit in a lovely courtyard enjoying a spot of tea, we don't know what will... which is perfect, since the cottage apartment has its own private courtyard. Located in the downstairs of a historic brick English Tudor home, it is chock-full of charming details. And — bonus — it's in Laurelhurst, one of Portland's oldest and most coveted communities. 

10 /17: The clock tower

10/17 :The clock tower

It's a clock tower... a fabulous London apartment in a clock tower. You can't get much more fairy tale-like than that, now can you? This particular apartment is in the clock tower above St. Pancras International Station overlooking Kings Cross Station (yep, same one in Harry Potter). 

11 /17: Silo studio cottage

11/17 :Silo studio cottage

Located in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, this unique round cottage was once sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson's summer studio. Its charming features include 35-foot-high conical ceilings, a canopy bed, mill windows and a lily pond. How quaint! 

12 /17: Rustic Scottish castle

12/17 :Rustic Scottish castle

Built in 1550, Kilmartin Castle is a beautifully rustic place to escape reality for awhile. And here's something even more enticing about the Scottish manor: You can book a local chef to cook for you in the castle dining room. It's the first time in 467 years that Kilmartin has been open to the public. No word on whether or not Gaston will make a cameo (c'mon, you know you were thinking this living room looks like his digs too). 

13 /17: Secluded in-town treehouse

13/17 :Secluded in-town treehouse

This isn't just one treehouse — it's actually a suite of three connected by ever-so-cute swinging bridges. Just minutes from the Southern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, this secluded treehouse paradise was featured on Treehouse Masters Ultimate Treehouses and ranked the No. 1 most wish-listed Airbnb in the world. 

14 /17: Wings Neck lighthouse

14/17 :Wings Neck lighthouse

The fact that this is a literal former U.S. Coast Guard lighthouse pretty much speaks for itself, so we probably don't have to tell you staying here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Located at the tip of Wings Neck Point, it offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, it boasts charming details like a mahogany spiral staircase and lantern room. 

15 /17: Historic Connecticut mansion

15/17 :Historic Connecticut mansion

Calling all lords and ladies! This 19th-century Italianate Victorian mansion will have you feeling like storybook royalty in no time. Also known as Bill House, the architectural masterpiece was built in 1856 and is located in the Millionaire Triangle in Norwich, Connecticut.  

16 /17: Serene tower retreat

16/17 :Serene tower retreat

Isn't this place pretty as a postcard? A converted water tower in Carmel Valley, California, it offers unparalleled views along with close proximity to tons of fun activities like hiking, biking and horseback riding. Any Airbnb with "tower" in the name is undeniably fairy tale-like too.

17 /17: Underground hygge hobbit house

17/17 :Underground hygge hobbit house

Let your imagination run wild in this precious hobbit-esque house tucked into the Columbia Gorge mountainside in Washington. This cute abode couldn't be more enchanting, from its rustic stone fireplace to classic round door and porthole-style windows.