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22 Picturesque Little Towns to Stroll Through This Fall

Fall is finally in the air, and — dare we say it? — everyone knows it’s the best season of the year. By now, we’re all ready to abandon our swimsuits and flip-flops in favor of chunky scarves and riding boots. By some miracle, we’ve managed to stave off our fall foodie cravings for the last few months, but it’s high time we consume all the pumpkin-flavored stuffs.

Yeah, you might say we’re pretty pumped that the glory of autumn is descending upon us. If you’re as stoked as we are, you might be thinking ahead to your first getaway of the season: somewhere you can revel in all things fall. Well, we’ve got you covered.

When you start planning your pilgrimage to the perfect fall locale, grab a PSL and peruse this list. These picturesque towns, tiny though they may be, were practically made for fall strolls.

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