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Your Guide to Smart Shopping at The Container Store


SheKnows Editorial

Keeping your house clean can be hard. A total pain in the you-know-what if we’re being frank. And when you feel overwhelmed and like there’s no way to fit all your stuff in the space you do have, there’s only one solution: Head to The Container Store.

But when you get there, it’s pretty overwhelming. The store is laid out so beautifully, it’s not hard to get sucked in and think, “Button organizers? I need 20!” forgetting that you, of course, don’t actually have a button collection. In the meantime, you may be overlooking some of the essential items that everyone shopping at The Container Store actually needs.

Never fear. This is the rundown of everything you should get at The Container Store along with the items to avoid (if you can get it for less elsewhere, why not?). So the next time you’re struck with a mid-clean panic and feel the sudden urge to run to the mall, take this list with you so you don’t accidentally come home with more junk than you started out with.

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