16 Summer Outdoor Entertaining Essentials to Shop Now

by Cris Pearlstein
Jul 3, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Throwing an outdoor shindig? You can do so much better than those snoozy paper plates from the grocery store. 

These adorable, oh-so-fun disposable dining and entertaining products will impress your guests and make you more than a little sad to throw them out at the end of the evening (although, hey, who's complaining about fewer dishes?).

Shop all 16 stylish picks ahead. 

1 /16: Plates

1/16 :Plates

Doing dishes isn't glam, but these disposable plates are. (Harlow & Grey, $6.95 for a set of eight)

2 /16: Ice cream cups

2/16 :Ice cream cups

I scream. You scream. We all scream for these cute ice cream cups. (Ikea, $0.99 for a pack of six)

3 /16: Balloons

3/16 :Balloons

Balloons that are not only fun and festive, but biodegradable too. (Green Party Goods, $4.50 – $9)

4 /16: Flamingo straws

4/16 :Flamingo straws

Cocktails sipped with flamingo straws are just better, right? (Etsy, $5.45 for a set of 12)

5 /16: Placemat

5/16 :Placemat

Forget place cards. Write your guest’s names on these chalkboard mats. (Container Store, $9.99 for a pack of 12)

6 /16: Foil plates

6/16 :Foil plates

Try to resist the urge to use these every day. (Green Party Goods — palm leaves, pineapples, $6.50 for a set of eight)

7 /16: Sticky notes

7/16 :Sticky notes

Use these gorgeous stickies to label the dishes at your next party. (Effie’s Paper, $5)

8 /16: Cake stands

8/16 :Cake stands

Use these for a cake, a cupcake tower, or a pile of homemade cookies. (Ikea, $6.99 for a set of three)

9 /16: Paper plates

9/16 :Paper plates

An abstract print so pretty we’d wear it was on a dress. (Cheeky, $3.59 for pack of 48)

10 /16: Full table setting

10/16 :Full table setting

So gorgeous, these pieces will trick even the savviest of guests. (L’entramise — from left: plates, $1.25 each; napkins, $6 for a pack of 10; flatware, $0.35 each; wine glass, $1.25 each; and water glass, $1.25 each)

11 /16: Napkins

11/16 :Napkins

Napkins fit for a luau... or a backyard BBQ. (Green Party Goods, $6 for a pack of 20)

12 /16: Organic bamboo plates

12/16 :Organic bamboo plates

Simple, elegant and chic. (Crate & Barrel, $9.97 for a set of eight)

13 /16: Paper tablecloth

13/16 :Paper tablecloth

More modern than gingham, this pretty tablecloth is perfect for any picnic. (Ikea, $4.99)

14 /16: Napkins

14/16 :Napkins

You might use these to wipe your mouth. Others might put them in a frame. (Harlow & Grey, $6.95 for a pack of 20)

15 /16: Organic bamboo flatware

15/16 :Organic bamboo flatware

Eco-friendly and designed like works of art, no wonder you won’t want to throw these away. (Crate & Barrel, $7.97 for a set of eight)

16 /16: Plastic cups

16/16 :Plastic cups

Give your red Solo cups a rest this summer and opt for this beauty instead. (Cheeky, $3.59 for pack of 22)