15 Modern Graduation Gifts They're Guaranteed to Actually Use

by Cris Pearlstein
May 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

It's that time of year, folks. Graduation season means students donning robes and square caps while their friends and family watch in pride (and usually, a tiny bit of boredom). If you have any of these ceremonies to attend, you're also in the market for something great to give the grad.

While everyone — especially postgrads about to enter the real world where nothing comes free — is always happy to get a card and a check, if you're interested in branching out, we've got you covered. The 15 gift ideas ahead will definitely not be returned, regifted or groaned over. Not only are they high-quality and classy, they're also super-useful.

1 /15: Smart luggage

1/15 :Smart luggage

This carry-on fits everything and charges smartphones during flight delays. (Away, $225)

2 /15: Throw blanket

2/15 :Throw blanket

A chic, grown-up throw that will make their Ikea couch look like a million bucks. (Brooklinen, $229)

3 /15: Desk lamp

3/15 :Desk lamp

Maybe a super-design-y lamp will get them excited about sitting at a desk all day. (Grovemade, $99)

4 /15: Duffle bag

4/15 :Duffle bag

Cool gym clothes deserve more than canvas tote. (2(X)IST, $90)

5/15 :Watch

They can wear this unisex timepiece to work and on the weekends. (Lilienthal Berlin, $199)

6 /15: Custom shoes

6/15 :Custom shoes

Help them get job-ready with a pair of custom Spanish-made shoes. (Qüero Shoes, starting at $185)

7 /15: Meal-delivery service

7/15 :Meal-delivery service

Give a grad everything they need to make restaurant-quality meals from their tiny kitchen. (HelloFresh, $59.94)

8 /15: Silver cuff links

8/15 :Silver cuff links

Nothing says “adult” like a pair of monogrammed cuff links. (Witz Jewelry Design, $225)

9 /15: Multi-device portable charger

9/15 :Multi-device portable charger

Running to job interviews can really drain the battery, so keep ‘em juiced up. (Nifty, $79.99)

10 /15: Monogrammed laptop tote

10/15 :Monogrammed laptop tote

A briefcase is too old-school, so give her a sleek tote instead. (Mark & Graham, from $179)

11 /15: Wireless earbuds

11/15 :Wireless earbuds

These noise-canceling buds are perfect for blocking out annoying roommates. (Skybuds, $199.99)

12 /15: Truck tent

12/15 :Truck tent

On summer road trips, this will convert their car into a camper — because who can afford a hotel? (GMC, $270)

13 /15: Queen of the World skincare bundle

13/15 :Queen of the World skincare bundle

All the products they need to stay looking as young as they are. (Mint Skin, $81.95)

14 /15: Literary gift box

14/15 :Literary gift box

Give grads an excuse to put down the device with a curated box of real-life books based on their interests. (Quarterlane Books, $135)

15 /15: Voice-activated speaker

15/15 :Voice-activated speaker

Google Home will tell them the weather, help remember important dates and remind them to call Mom. (Google, $129)